Raluca Csernatoni at IEP

Raluca Csernatoni, SPES fellow from Romania, stayed at IEP from 12 October to 6 November. She had meetings with experts from political founda­tions and think tanks and held a guest lecture at the research collo­quium of the Master programme Military Studies at Potsdam University. Her SPES project focuses on security challenges in the Black Sea Region.

Raluca Csernatoni received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Inter­na­tional Relations From The West University of Timisoara, Romania. Her bachelor thesis dealt with the neocon­ser­v­ative discourse and its foreign policy influence post‑9/11, laying emphasis on the “regime change” practices, as American foreign policy tools, in Afghanistan and Iraq. Raluca has a Master of Arts degree in Inter­na­tional Relations and European Studies from the Central University,Budapest. Her Master thesis focused on the EU’s insti­tu­tional devel­op­ments in the field of defence. Presently, Raluca is a 2nd year PhD Student at the Department of Inter­na­tional Relations and European Studies at Central
European University, her PhD thesis concen­trating on the Brussels-end of ESDP missions and the involved new member states in the ESDP framework. Her PhD research proposes to cross-cut the schol­arship of Pierre Bourdieu with the broader debates on Europeanization and strategic culture, the principal aim being that to trace and signify the reform dynamic of the new EU member states’ security sectors. Her research interests range from Inter­na­tional Relations theory, European Union foreign policy, European Security and Defence Policy, to critical and poststruc­turalist theories in security studies.