Soziales Europäisches Semester? Die Europäische Säule sozialer Rechte im Praxistest

For the first time since its procla­mation, the European Commission will incor­porate the European Pillar of Social Rights in the European Semester 2017/18. However, the potential of the accom­pa­nying social score­board to identify social ills in the EU is used inade­quately. On the one hand, the member states are reserved, on the other hand, there is no change in the dominance of budgetary and compe­tition-related social objec­tives. The latter are the most likely to have a chance to enter reform recom­men­da­tions if they are compatible with economic coordi­nation goals. To achieve a “social triple A” (Jean-Claude Juncker) through the European Pillar of Social Rights, the binding nature of its objec­tives should be strengthened, as should the process of social policy coordi­nation.

The full Research Paper No. 02/18 by Prof. Dr. Björn Hacker is available for download here.