Policy Paper: “Imposition of Citizenship as a new Human Rights Violation”

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A new policy paper by Sergiy Zayets, Regional Centre for Human Rights (Kyiv), on “Imposition of Citizenship as a new Human Rights Violation and a Means of the Aggressive Expansion by the Russian Federation in the Context of the Occupation of Crimea“ has been released in the framework of the project “Think Tanks in Ukraine: Strengthening expertise and promoting European cooperation“. This project is led by the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP) in cooperation with the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation (DIF), and is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.


Numerous human rights violations have been observable in Crimea since its annexation by the Russian Federation in 2014. Among these is the forced adoption of Russian citizenship vis-à-vis the residents of Crimea under conditions that preclude willful choice. Moreover, the imposition of Russian citizenship has been effected in an occupied area that does not belong to the sovereign territory of the Russian Federation. Russia has thus interfered in both the private lives of Crimea’s population as well as the internal affairs of Ukraine. In order to prevent future repetitions of these actions, this situation demands an urgent resolution. The analysis of these circumstances in the context of international human rights norms makes it possible to petition judicial or quasi-judicial institutions for the protection of the rights of each person affected by the actions of the Russian Federation. In doing so, an international dialogue aims for a solution may be set into motion.

The complete policy paper can be found in German as a PDF file.