Intensivierte Partnerschaftsmodelle zwischen der Europäischen Union und ihren Nachbarn: Welche Optionen unterhalb der Vollmitgliedschaft sind denkbar?

The current world and regional political situation does not only pose a challenge for inner EU integration processes but also attracts attention for the external dimension of integration and the design of political cooperation in the neighboring spaces of the EU. This article proposes a system of graduated, differentiated connectivity options. In this scenario, European neighborhood policy would depart from the schematic “one-size-fits-all” blueprint to an instrument of intensified partnership models. In consideration of the legal and political parameters as well as the risks of differentiated models, this paper develops possible models for intensified partnership and its institutional design. These models should give thought-provoking impulses for research and politics on how the individual requirements, interests and possibilities of the neighbors of the EU as well as its member states could best be satisfied. In perspective, models of completely independent partnership communities could evolve.

The paper can be downloaded here.