The German European Policy Series (GEPS) aspires to be a combi­nation of reference texts and in-depth analysis by providing a plethora of facts, figures, and inter­pre­ta­tions. It addresses a diverse audience including practi­tioners such as politi­cians, teachers, econo­mists and admin­is­trative staff, members of the civil society, academics and students all over the European Union. The series aims at providing detailed up-to-date infor­mation over the funda­mentals and concepts of Germany’s European Policy.

GEPS is kindly supported by the Federal Foreign Office and the European Commission.


Prof. Dr. Mathias Jopp, Director, IEP, Berlin

Editorial Team:

Dr. Katrin Böttger (Head of Editorial Team), Deputy Director, IEP, Berlin;

Carolin Marx, Research Advisor, IEP, Berlin

Editorial Adress:

Institut für Europäische Politik, Redaktion GEPS, Bunde­sallee 23, D‑10717 Berlin, Tel. (030) 88 91 34 0

ISSN 2511–8129

Carolin Marx, Research Advisor
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