Quarterly Journal "integration"

The academic quarterly integration addresses profes­sionals dealing with issues of European integration in politics, admin­is­tration, academics, education and media. It is a theory-laden inter­dis­ci­plinary forum that deals with the political dimension of funda­mental contem­porary issues in European integration from a practical and academic perspective.

integration is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. The IEP alone is respon­sible for the contents.

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integration 4/2011

November 2011

The first article of the new issue analyses, whether the budget aids for Euro states enter into new legal territory, while the second article sums up the devel­opment of the crisis from its begin­nings and the basic decisions made at EU level. Moreover, the issue deals with the EU reaction to the Libyan crisis and raises the question, whether the current Euro zone crisis strengthens rightwing populism. Authors report about the IEP’s annual conference, a conference on regulation and one on multi-level parlia­men­tarism, and present the 1st conference of the Young German-Hungarian Forum.

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integration 3/2011

August 2011

Our current issue draws attention to the European Policy in Great Britain, to the bail-out package for Greece and the perspec­tives for the European Central Bank. Other central themes stress the genesis and evolu­tionary logic of European human rights as well as democ­ra­ti­sation policy in EU external relations. Moreover, diverse integration methods in EU practise are dealt with, and a review discusses several analyses of the recent European elections. At last, reports on three confer­ences sum up two main topics: Influence and perspec­tives of small EU states and strategies for Europe after the crisis.

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integration 2/2011

May 2011

Two articles of the new issue of integration analyse the current and future efforts to reform the European economic and monetary union. Other topics relate to the Union for the Mediter­ranean and the regional integration on the EU common market for electricity. Furthermore, the “Trans European Policy Studies Associ­ation“ and the „Arbeit­skreis Europäische Integration“ report from three confer­ences, which deal with the Franco-German couple, the results of the Lisbon Treaty and the Danube area as a strategic region.

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integration 1/2011

February 2011

The current issue of integration reviews the newest chapter of European integration, which ended with the entering into force of the Lisbon Treaty. On this basis the authors draw conclu­sions for the future European policy and map out current debates. Topics of the issue are the debate on the insti­tu­tional reform, the role of the High Repre­sen­tative, the European Social Model, and questions concerning a European identity. Furthermore books on CFSP are reviewed, and IEP and AEI report from four confer­ences.

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integration 4/2010

November 2010

Two articles of the new issue of integration deal with the imple­men­tation of the Lisbon Treaty. One article examines the new role of the President of the European Council, while the other discusses the increased compe­tences of the German parliament in EU-policy. Other topics discussed are the current problems within the Eurozone and lessons that can be drawn from the Schuman Decla­ration for the EU’s future. Furthermore the IEP and the AEI report from four confer­ences dealing with different topics.

  • Quarterly Journal "integration"