“Europa von A bis Z”

“Europa von A bis Z” is the reference book for Europe. In over 70 contri­bu­tions European experts explain on a sound academic basis all the important topics and terms from the politics, economy, and history of European unifi­cation. The paperback is geared towards anyone inter­ested in Europe looking for a reliable source on the current status of European political topics.

The revised and updated new edition contains:

Renowned EU researchers explain the core topics of European Integration. The pocket book offers background knowledge and thus is the perfect guide through current Europe: an indis­pensable work of reference.

Europa von A bis Z
Edited by Weidenfeld, Werner; Wessels, Wolfgang
14. Edition 2015, ca. 500 p., ca. 22 €
ISBN 978–3‑8487–2654‑7

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“Europa von A bis Z“ is a project of the “Institut für Europäische Politik“ (Institute for European Politics) in cooper­ation with the Centrum für angewandte Politik­forschung (Center for Applied Policy Research, CAP) at the University of Munich and the Jean Monnet Lehrstuhl für Politische Wissenschaft (Jean Monnet Chair) of the University of Cologne.