Pocket book “Europa von A bis Z” published

„Europa von A bis Z“ Herausgegeben von Weidenfeld, Werner; Wessels, Wolfgang 14. Auflage 2016, ca. 500 S., brosch., ca. 22 € ISBN 978-3-8487-2654-7

The new edition of the paperback classic “Europa von A bis Z” (in German) edited by Prof. Dr. Werner Weidenfeld and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wessels has been published and can be ordered at the Nomos Verlags­ge­sellschaft. On a sound academic basis, European experts explain all the important topics and terms from the politics, economy, and history of European unifi­cation in over 70 contri­bu­tions.

More infor­mation is available on IEP’s website.