PAIC-Workshop Series for Think Tank Representatives in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv

Between March and May 2019, the project “Platform for Analytics and Inter­cul­tural Commu­ni­cation” (PAIC) conducted a series of workshops on the topic: “Research in Think Tanks: Devel­oping Your Own Research Design and Quali­tative Data Analysis” for repre­sen­ta­tives of Ukrainian think tanks in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv.

A total of 45 think tankers both from Kyiv and the Ukrainian regions partic­i­pated in the two day long intense courses on the theoretical and practical principles of academic work, research methods and data analysis tools. Each day started with an intro­duction to the program and the objec­tives of the workshop by Mona Richter, Research Associate at the Institute for European Politics (IEP, Berlin) and project manager of project PAIC, and Andrii Sukharyna, Political Analyst at the Ilko Kucheriv Democ­ratic Initia­tives Foundation (DIF, Kyiv), to provide a framework of expec­ta­tions and content for the partic­i­pants.

On the first day of the workshops, our trainer Oleksandra Keudel, PhD candidate at the Berlin Graduate School for Global and Transre­gional Studies at the Freie Univer­sität Berlin and research consultant for inter­na­tional and civil society organi­za­tions, worked out the key differ­ences between academic research and policy analysis with the partic­i­pants and intro­duced them to the devel­opment of analytical problems and research questions. During the course of the session, the partic­i­pants practiced different steps of analytical paper writing that ranged from designing the content and the structure to applying different argumen­tation techniques. Furthermore, they learned how to increase the impact of a policy publi­cation.

The second workshop day was facil­i­tated by Sebastian Hoppe, Research Associate at the Institute for East European Studies at the Free University of Berlin, who covered the method­ological aspects of the workshop. The partic­i­pants trained their knowledge on (compar­ative) case studies and tools for the analysis of the obtained data. Practical exercises covered the use of reference management tools and their benefits for the structure of the research. Each day was completed by a feedback round and debriefing session to review and solidify the lessons learned.

This series of workshops was part of the project “Platform for Analytics and Inter­cul­tural Commu­ni­cation” (PAIC) which aims at promoting profes­sional expertise among Ukrainian think tanks, creating synergies between German and Ukrainian think tanks and trans­ferring knowledge about devel­op­ments in Ukraine to Germany. PAIC is conducted in close cooper­ation with the Ilko Kucheriv Democ­ratic Inita­tives Foundation (DIF, Kyiv) and the think tanks devel­opment and research initiative think twice UA (Kyiv) and is kindly supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.