Obituary for Professor Dr. Ansgar Belke

© UDE/FrankPreuß

The sad news of the sudden death of Prof. Dr. Ansgar Belke has deeply shaken the Institut für Europäische Politik and is a grave loss, both humanly and scien­tif­i­cally. Prof. Belke had been closely associated with the IEP for many years. He had been a member of the Academic Advisory Board since the beginning of the 2000s — most recently its Vice Chairman.

With his clear economic and financial policy expertise, which is highly valued throughout Europe, Prof. Belke has supported and promoted the work of the IEP in many ways. He supported the institute in an advisory capacity partic­u­larly during the years of the euro crisis. With great commitment, he has helped to develop and establish new subject areas at the IEP; examples of this are the fields of energy policy and climate goals, which he has under­lined as relevant for both the political debate and the devel­opment of new research projects since 2010. His analyses as well as contri­bu­tions by guest authors were regularly a great enrichment for the numerous publi­ca­tions of the IEP. He has always been a highly respected and valued contributor to the confer­ences and forums of the IEP.

Prof. Dr. Ansgar Belke leaves a large gap at the IEP. The memory of his commitment and enthu­siasm for European policy research will remain.

Our deepest sympa­thies go to his family and closest friends in this difficult hour. Our thoughts are with them.