New IEP Executive Board elected

Prof. Dr. Johannes Pollak, Director of Webster Vienna Private University, was elected Chairman of the IEP Executive Board at the last meeting of the Board of Trustees. He succeeds Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wessels who vacated the position of Chairman after holding it without inter­ruption since 1995. We would like to sincerely thank Wolfgang Wessels, who will continue to serve as Honorary Chairman, for the many years of working together and look forward to an equally good cooper­ation with Johannes Pollak in the future: “I am very much looking forward to the respon­sible task and the collab­o­ration with colleagues on the Executive Board of the IEP. In recent years, the impor­tance and necessity of scien­tific work and expertise with regard to the European integration process has been empha­sised. The assumption of the Chair­manship of the Executive Board from Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wessels, partic­u­larly in the year of the 60th anniversary of the Institute, and in connection with this, a look at the past decades highlight the outstanding work of the IEP in this field. I am honored to continue this successful work and to support shaping the future devel­opment of the Institute.”

Deputy Chairman will be former board member Dr. Wolf-Ruthart Born. Dr. Franz Schoser was re-elected as treasurer. New to the Board are Prof. Dr. Michèle Knodt, Dr. Thomas Steffen and Prof. Dr. Gaby Umbach. As previ­ously, Dr. Werner Hoyer (President) and Prof. Dr. Frank Schim­melfennig (Chairman of the Academic Advisory Board) remain Members of the Executive Board.