MIDEU Project Launch: Opening Conference in Chisinau

The project “Strength­ening the National Identity of Moldova within the EU associ­ation process (MIDEU)” was launched on May 29, 2017. The Opening Conference took place in Chişinău with the theme “National Identity and Inclusive Society in Moldova: Current Issues and Shared Visions”.

The aim of the project is to strengthen national identity-building in the Republic of Moldova and to locate this process within the context of EU associ­ation. The diverse project activ­ities shall promote the discussion on national identity and minority integration decen­trally and graft the results onto the national level. Based on these results, concrete recom­men­da­tions for reforms for a better integration of minorities are to be formu­lated.

The project is organized and imple­mented by the Institut für Europäische Politik (Berlin) in collab­o­ration with the Institute for Strategic Initia­tives IPIS (Chişinău) and the Institute for European Policies and Reforms IPRE (Chişinău). The project is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.