Issue 2/2016 of integration published

In the new issue of integration, Florian Trauner describes the attempt of the European Commission to push for a new system of refugee distri­b­ution within Europe in order to achieve more solidarity between EU member states. Burkard Steppacher analyses the relations between Switzerland and the European Union, especially taking into account current challenges for the bilateral system. Ingo Take argues for Euro Parties as essential force to counteract the depoliti­cization of the public debate and the disen­chantment of many citizens with regard to European politics. Waldemar Hummer rates the new exemp­tions from the EU law for Great Britain to prevent a Brexit as a funda­mental turning away from the Jean Monnet Method. Annette Knaut’s collective review discusses works on constel­la­tions of space, time and ideas of the political in Europe. The ‘Arbeit­skreis Europäische Integration’ reports on confer­ences about cities and EU energy policy in the 21st century, economic and political relations between the EU and China as well as challenges for Europe and East Asia in the world economy.

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