Issue 3/2014 of ‘integration’ published

The latest issue of Integration contains a compre­hensive and balanced overview of the 2014 European Parliament election results, partic­u­larly stressing the role of the leading European candi­dates. It is supple­mented by an article on the new Party statute adopted in May 2014, which is intended to pave the way for European Parties to become ʽreal parties’. Further, in Issue 3 an agenda for the new EU foreign affairs chief is presented, set against the background of the EU’s current foreign policy profile as well as the present situation in the inter­na­tional arena, and includes recent surveys regarding accep­tance and rejection of the EU in Germany, France, Spain, and Great Britain. Additionally, the govern­mental discourse of Merkel’s second government on the Euro Crisis and the resulting effects of this debate on the rationale and actions of the current Grand Coalition is analysed and evaluated. It also includes two conference reports on diver­gence and central­izing forces within the EU as well as on the functional changes of the European Parliament.

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