Issue 2/2019 of integration published

What does the future hold for the European Union (EU), what position does it adopt in its foreign policy towards its neighbours and regarding the intensifying Sino-American trade conflict? Find inspiring answers of high academic value to these basic questions of European integration in the in-depth analyses provided by the articles in the current issue 2/2019 of the quarterly journal integration: Barbara Lippert examines the different models of relationship of the EU with its neighbours and shows new forms for future cooperation and association. Christian Calliess also takes the future of the EU into consideration and pleads for a more flexible working method to reach a more constructive cooperation between the member states. Daniel Schade critically analyses the role of the Interparliamentary Conference for the CFSP/CSDP for stronger parliamentary control within this policy area. Taking into account the EU’s paradigm shift towards China and the leading role of the US in investment screening policies, Jörn-Carsten Gottwald, Joachim Schild und Dirk Schmidt look at the recent development of the EU investment control regime. The issue also contains a forum article by Friederike Augustin and Jana Schubert summarizing the ideas of young Europeans for the future of the EU as first presented in the #EngagEU Manifesto as well as the discussion of these ideas during the #1stYoungCitizens’Convention. Anne Wetzel reviews two publications on the European Neighbourhood Policy.

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