Issue 2/2019 of integration published

What does the future hold for the European Union (EU), what position does it adopt in its foreign policy towards its neigh­bours and regarding the inten­si­fying Sino-American trade conflict? Find inspiring answers of high academic value to these basic questions of European integration in the in-depth analyses provided by the articles in the current issue 2/2019 of the quarterly journal integration: Barbara Lippert examines the different models of relationship of the EU with its neigh­bours and shows new forms for future cooper­ation and associ­ation. Christian Calliess also takes the future of the EU into consid­er­ation and pleads for a more flexible working method to reach a more constructive cooper­ation between the member states. Daniel Schade criti­cally analyses the role of the Inter­par­lia­mentary Conference for the CFSP/CSDP for stronger parlia­mentary control within this policy area. Taking into account the EU’s paradigm shift towards China and the leading role of the US in investment screening policies, Jörn-Carsten Gottwald, Joachim Schild und Dirk Schmidt look at the recent devel­opment of the EU investment control regime. The issue also contains a forum article by Friederike Augustin and Jana Schubert summa­rizing the ideas of young Europeans for the future of the EU as first presented in the #EngagEU Manifesto as well as the discussion of these ideas during the #1stYoungCitizens’Convention. Anne Wetzel reviews two publi­ca­tions on the European Neigh­bourhood Policy.

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