Issue 1/2015 of “integration” published

In the new issue of integration Waldemar Hummer analyses, whether the Investor to State Dispute Settlement procedure in the EU Agree­ments TTIP, CETA and TISA have damaging effects on democracy and legit­imacy and how the EU reacts to the European Citizens’ Initiative “Stop TTIP”. Werner Hoyer identifies critical weaknesses in the financing of innov­ative companies as well as for research, devel­opment and infra­structure in Europe and illus­trates how the EIB and the investment plan for Europe may help to tackle these struc­tural weaknesses. Furthermore, the negoti­a­tions on the European banking union are analysed as well as the impact of the intro­duction of “Spitzenkan­di­daten” in the European elections 2014 on the political system of the EU. A book review describes the author’s plea for a European common good and several conference reports focus on EU mixed agree­ments, EU relations to the southern Mediter­ranean and to the Caucasus.

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