Issue 2/2018 of integration published

In the new issue of integration, Alexander Grasse and Jan Labitzke deal exten­sively with the Italian parlia­mentary elections of March 2018 and analyse the election results as well as their background, examine the government parties’ coalition agreement and the personnel compo­sition and discuss the challenges for the EU in relation to the new government. Anja Thomas focusses on Emmanuel Macron’s speeches on the future of the EU. According to the author, for the first time ever Macron trans­lates the domestic role of the French president as unifier of the nation to the European Union which marks a change of paradigm in the French presi­dential discourse on the EU. Besides, she also refers to the impact of Macron’s ideas on Franco-German leadership in the EU. Julia Klein, Julian Plottka and Amelie Tittel present selected results of the research project “The Relaunch of Europe”, where Germany, France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Spain turn out to be part of the group of member states that are willing to further deepen integration in all areas of the study. Carolin Marx and Janny Schulz report on the 2017 German-Portuguese Expert Meeting which was organized by the Institut für Europäische Politik as part of its bilateral dialogue formats.

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