Honest Speaking in the Post-Truth Politics Age (TruLies-Blog by Sophie Gaston)

"Honesty" (CC-BY-ND 2.0) by thinkpublic

We live in compli­cated, global times, and times of compli­cated, global policy-making. In that context, how does populism influence mainstream political discourse and policy-making? Sophie Gaston points out how discontent, angry and disen­fran­chised citizens no longer feel included by politi­cians’ speech, but populists’ simple messages avoid the complex­ities of policy making. Thereby, they challenge politi­cians who wish to uphold the tradi­tional parlia­mentary system and tempt them to match populist rhetoric.

This text was first published on the blog of Demos, Britain’s leading cross-party think tank, where Sophie Gaston is Head of External Affairs and coordi­nates the research project „Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself“.

The project “TruLies – The Truth about Lies on Europe”, aided by the Stiftung Mercator and run by the Institute for European Politics (IEP) in cooper­ation with Das Progressive Zentrum, has two principal objec­tives. On the one hand, it strives to decon­struct Eurosceptic and populist preju­dices, animosities, and false asser­tions, by means of social scien­tif­i­cally-grounded analysis. Thus, it aims to contribute to a ratio­nal­i­sation of the public discourse and debate in Germany (and beyond). On the other hand, “TruLies Europe” endeavours to publicly commu­nicate its findings beyond the select circle of scholars to political actors, civil society, and the wider public. You may find further infor­mation on our website: http://trulies-europe.de/.

Sophie Gaston’s contri­bution can be found here.