Handover of the Management from Prof. Dr. Mathias Jopp to Dr. Katrin Böttger and Dr. Funda Tekin

After 23 successful years as Director, Prof. Dr. Mathias Jopp handed over the management of the IEP on 1 July 2018 to Dr. Katrin Böttger and Dr. Funda Tekin. The formal handover ceremony that you can watch on Periscope took place on 5 July 2018 at the Repre­sen­tation of the European Commission in Germany.

Under the new management, Dr. Katrin Böttger, Deputy Director of the IEP since 2010, focuses on the European Neigh­borhood Policy, the EU Central Asia Policy, the European Citizens’ Initiative and Euroscep­ticism. Dr. Funda Tekin has previ­ously been Senior Advisor at the IEP, Senior Researcher at the Centre Inter­na­tional de Formation Européenne and Deputy Director at CETEUS at the University of Cologne. At the IEP she is respon­sible for the publi­ca­tions as well as for the German-Nordic-Baltic Forum and focuses on the EU-Turkey relations, the area of freedom, security and justice (AFSJ), differ­en­tiated integration and the future of Europe.

In his new position at our institute, Prof. Dr. Mathias Jopp will oversee the inter­na­tional programmes, whose number has increased in recent years.

We look forward to continue accom­pa­nying you with our research under our new leadership in the future!