Fourth Workshop with Ukrainian Civil Servants Implemented

Anne Bercio, project leader of “Capacity Building for EU Associ­ation in Ukraine“ at IEP, success­fully imple­mented the fourth of six workshops with Ukrainian civil servants. All workshops aim at preparing the partic­i­pants, working in leading positions in federal ministries or offices, to implement the EU-AA/DCFTA effec­tively.

The fourth workshop took place on 23–25 October in Kyiv. It was divided into two parts: The first part was dedicated to EU coordi­nation. Through presen­ta­tions and simula­tions, the partic­i­pants gained knowledge about conducting committee meetings and how to prepare for them. In this task, they were supported by Ms. Danica Nasova-Ivanova, coordi­nator of the working groups for EU approx­i­mation in the Secre­tariat for European Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia. Working in this position, Ms. Nasova-Ivanova gained much experience on EU coordi­nation and passed it on to the partic­i­pants. The second part of the workshop was focused on improving the commu­ni­cation skills of the partic­i­pants. Among other things, they learned how to improve their self-management and how to hold presen­ta­tions on dry topics inter­est­ingly. This part of the workshop was mainly carried out by Ms. Karmen Semrl, a coach and profes­sional skills trainer from Slovenia.

The workshops are kindly supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Inter­na­tionale Zusam­me­narbeit (GIZ). The next workshop will be on 7–8 November on EU Project Cycle Management.