Four new papers within the project „Ukrainians in Poland and Germany”

Within the framework of the project “Ukrainians in Poland and Germany — Civic and Political Engagement, Expec­ta­tions, and Courses of Action”, Julian Plottka and Richard Steinberg have presented a paper on „How the Ukrainian Diasporic Community in Germany Contributes to EU’s Policy in its Home Country“, co-written together with Ljudmyla Melnyk and Magdalena Patalong, at a conference entitled „The role of non-state actors in the EU’s relations with Eastern Europe and Central Asia“ at Maastricht University. The paper deals with the emerging Ukrainian diasporic community as a new civil society actor in Germany and its role within the process of Europeanization in Ukraine. One of the core theses is that the increas­ingly networked Ukrainian diasporic community can function as a partner to the EU and promote European values. This hypothesis has been discussed with inter­na­tional partic­i­pants at the conference; Prof. Dr. Taras Kuzio has spoken as Keynote-Speaker.

Please find the paper on IEP’s publi­cation website.

The paper „Ukrainians in Poland and Germany: What Role during Euromaidan and in Ukraine’s ongoing Trans­for­mation“ (written by Andriy Korniychuk, Magdalena Patalong and Richard Steinberg) that has been presented in November 2015 at a conference of the Frank­furter Institut für Trans­for­ma­tion­sstudien (FIT) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Osteu­ropas­tudien (DGO) at the Viadrina Frankfurt, will be published within the series Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society of ibidim-press. Further infor­mation on the publi­cation can be found on the project’s website.

Based on the results of the study „Ukrainians in Poland and Germanys”, two further papers written by Ljudmyla Melnyk, Magdalena Patalong and Richard Steinberg, are dealing with the question which role the above mentioned “diasporic community” could play within the stabi­lization and democ­ra­ti­zation process of Ukraine. Which influence do have social media and a transna­tional network between the Ukrainian diaspora? While the first paper shall be discussed at a conference of the Junge Osteu­ropa­ex­perten (JOE) on July 8 till July 10, 2016 in Berlin, the second paper shall create a bridge towards Ukraine. By publishing the paper in the Ukrainian online-journal “UA: Ukraine Analytica”, the results will be better acces­sible for the Ukrainian public („Ukrainians in Germany: A new non‐state actor and ist role in the bilateral relations between Ukraine and Germany“).

The study “Ukrainians in Poland and Germany — Civic and Political Engagement, Expec­ta­tions, and Courses of Action” at length will be published end of this month.