IEP Panel Discussion: “The End of the EU as We Know It? Street Protests and European Politics”

European Politics have arrived on the streets: For some years now, we witness different types of active citizenship, ranging from rule of law protests in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, pro-Europe and anti-populist movements in Germany, anti-austerity movements in Greece to the weekly Fridays for Future demonstrations. How can we put these civil society manifestations into perspective and how can they be of use within the debate on the future of the EU? The movements require and deserve special attention in order to properly understand and assess the values ​​their supporters stand for. Because regardless of the outcome of the European Elections in May 2019 it is clear that a new – more engaged – narrative for Europe is urgently needed, especially with regard to Europe’s young generation.

We thank everyone who joined our Panel Discussion on Thursday, 12 September 2019 with the topic “The End of the EU as We Know It? Street Protests and European Politics”.

The Panel Discussion examined civic movements and protests and identified their role in the cross-border reconstruction of European identity, combating new populist trends and increasing voter turnout.

A report and photos from the event will follow shortly.