Apply by 30 August 2020 to become part of the next #EngagEUrCouncil Virtual Think Tank – Deadline extended!

Youth Ideas development process for the Portuguese EU Council Presidency

28 September 2020 to 4 November 2020

The extended deadline for appli­cation is 30 August 2020 at noon. Do not miss this oppor­tunity and apply by using the appli­cation form.

Did you know that Germany, Portugal, and Slovenia are currently holding the rotating Presi­dency of the European Union? We want you to get engaged with your peers of this very unique Trio Presi­dency. We are inter­ested in hearing your ideas for the Presi­dency, Europe and its Future. We support you in devel­oping and formu­lating your ideas for the Portuguese EU Council Presi­dency within a guided process. At the occasion of key political events, elected project rappor­teurs will present your demands to decision-makers of this multi-facetted Trio.

Asynchronous sessions: Monday, 28 September to Wednesday, 4 November 2020
Synchronous sessions: Four Virtual Labs will take place on specific dates during the ideas devel­opment process (expected to be Wednesday after­noons).
For more details on the scheduled project activ­ities, see Project workflow below.

On the Virtual #EngagEUr­Council Think Tank

Partic­i­pants must originate from or currently live in Germany, Portugal, or Slovenia, and be between 16 and 30 years old. The process will be held in English. The aim is to select up to 8 partic­i­pants from each country of the Trio Council Presi­dency. Selection results will be commu­ni­cated by Friday 4 September 2020. Selected partic­i­pants also get the oppor­tunity to partic­ipate in the follow-up activ­ities of the project.

This Virtual #EngagEUr­Council Think Tank is going to be imple­mented for the second time already. This time you will be empowered to develop youth ideas for the Portuguese EU Council Presi­dency that starts in January 2021.

On our Virtual Think Tank, you will find background infor­mation on the functioning and struc­tures of EU Council Presi­dencies and on the different policy areas we are going to deal with. You will also be able to follow the workflow, exchange with other partic­i­pants, work on your ideas and give feedbacks on the proposals of others.

Upon successful appli­cation and in due time before the kick-off of the process, we will provide you with all necessary infor­mation on this free (and easy to use) platform. Sessions on our Virtual Think Tank are supple­mented by Virtual Labs. The project thus consists of synchronous sessions gathering all partic­i­pants in video confer­ences and of asynchronous sessions that provide you the flexi­bility to work on your own or in working groups.

Learn more about the project #EngagEUr­Council here.


Inter­ested? Please apply by clicking on the button below to fill out the appli­cation form: Appli­cation

Important: After filling out the appli­cation form, please send it together with your CV (pdf only) to the following e‑mails: and

You can find more detailed infor­mation on the Project workflow here: Project workflow

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