The first interview of the “Klartext” series with Ukrainian think tanks


Within the framework of the project “Platform for Analytics and Intercultural Communication” (PAIC) the first interview of the “Klartext” series with Ukrainian think tanks has been published, providing an insight into the Ukrainian energy sector.

The aforementioned interview series aims to increase the presence and public awareness of Ukrainian think tanks, both within the Ukraine and Germany. Additionally, the series engages to convey an image of the overall think tank landscape and general developments within the Ukraine. Particular attention is set on the challenges that Ukrainian think tanks are facing regularly, as well as their role for the implementation of domestic reforms.

As part of the series, an interview was conducted with Olena Pavlenko, President of the DiXi group, one of the leading Ukrainian think tanks within the energy sector. The specific focus of the interview was set around the following topics: (1) which joint projects are conducted as part of the cooperation between the Ukrainian Ministry for Energy and Coal Mining, (2) how has the cooperation between Ukrainian think tanks and politics changed since the Revolution of Dignity in 2014, (3) what possibilities for cooperation exist between Ukrainian and German think tanks, (4) what promotes the integration of the Ukrainian energy market within the European market and (5) why could the construction of the Nord Stream 2 have a decelerating effect on this integration process.

The project “Platform for Analytics and Intercultural Communication” (PAIC) is conducted by the Institute for European Politics e.V. (IEP, Berlin), in cooperation with the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF, Kiev), the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation (DIF, Kiev) and the think tank initiative “think twice UA” (Kiev), supported by the Foreign Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The full script of the interview is available in German as a PDF here. Additionally the script can also be accessed in Ukrainian as a PDF here.

In the upcoming interview, Iryna Sushko, Director of the Think Tank “Europe Without Barriers”, discusses questions on the Ukrainian visa liberations and their role in achieving the implementation of reforms within the Ukraine. It will be released at the end of September on our website.

“Klartext”: Ukrainische Think Tanks im Gespräch (in German)