Fifth and Sixth Workshops with Ukrainian Civil Servants Implemented

Workshop participants

Anne Bercio, project leader of “Capacity Building for EU Associ­ation in Ukraine” at IEP, success­fully imple­mented the fifth and sixth workshops with Ukrainian civil servants. All workshops aim at preparing the partic­i­pants, working in leading positions in federal ministries or offices, to implement the EU-AA/DCFTA effec­tively.

At the last workshop, the partic­i­pants received certifi­cates for their completion of the program. Mr. Thomas Piesch, First Secretary and Referent on Economy Cooper­ation and Devel­opment at the German embassy in Kyiv, also attended the closing session. In his closing remarks, Mr Piesch outlined the impor­tance of capacity building in Ukrainian public admin­is­tration for a sound AA/DCFTA imple­men­tation. Mr. Piesch also empha­sized Germany’s ongoing commitment to supporting Ukraine with its reform process.

The fifth workshop, which was focused on project cycle management in an EU context, took place on 7–8 November in Kyiv. Mr. Mladen Lazic taught the workshop sessions on project cycle management and was able to bring valuable knowledge through his experience as Head of Group for programming of EU funded projects of the European Integration Division in the Serbian Ministry of Finance. Through presen­ta­tions and simula­tions, the partic­i­pants gained knowledge about the logical framework approach and the logical framework matrix.

The sixth workshop, which aimed to deepen the partic­i­pants’ knowledge of project cycle management in an EU context, took place on 21–22 November in Kyiv. Mr. Mladen Lazic taught the partic­i­pants about action document writing. Ms. Amina Sisic, a Sarajevo-based independent advisor on EU commu­ni­cation skills and capacity devel­opment, contributed her expertise on time management and business commu­ni­cation in an EU context.

The workshops are kindly supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Inter­na­tionale Zusam­me­narbeit (GIZ). The workshops will be followed by a study trip with the partic­i­pants at the end of January, 2016.