European Commission states: Ukraine well on reform track.

Macro­eco­nomic situation stabi­lized, reform agenda advanced, struc­tural reforms kicked-off, EU-Ukraine trade figures increased. Overall, the European Commission states that Ukraine is well on track to implement the associ­ation agenda – despite the annex­ation of Crimea and the armed conflict in Donbas.

Successful reforms are key to the effective and swift imple­men­tation of the AA/DCFTA. Motivated and knowl­edgeable expert capac­ities both for state admin­is­tration and among civil society are  essential to ensure the reform speed and quality. With our Civic School for Sound EU Practice entering its special­ization phase in November, IEP is ready to further strength­ening civil society throughout the country.

IEP as member of the EU-Ukraine Domestic Advisory Group on Trade and Sustainable Devel­opment chapter is looking forward to our joint meeting with the Ukrainian side in 2018 and to good progress in the imple­men­tation ofDCFTA Chapter 13 “Trade and Sustainable Devel­opment”.