EUCAIS Master Programme starts the second academic year

The online EUCAIS Master Programme (“Studies on the EU and Central Asia in the Inter­na­tional System“) is now into its second year, and 28 post-graduates and young profes­sionals from Central Asia, Afghanistan and the Chinese Province of Xinjiang again journeyed to Berlin for their third presence workshop, held 10–18 July 2011.

In addition to under­taking exams for their second semester subjects, partic­i­pants also attended intro­ductory lectures for third semester subjects. Prof. Dr. François Bafoil gave an energetic opening lecture on “Political and Economic Aspects of Transition of Countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia”, while IEP Director Prof. Dr. Mathias Jopp challenged partic­i­pants to consider the potential for regional cooper­ation in Central Asia in his lecture on “The EU and the Relations with Central Asia – Lessons of the Past for Strategies of the Future”.

Attendees began to turn their minds to their thesis topics and in this partic­i­pated in a lecture by Prof. Dr. Carina Sprungk on “Method­ology of Academic Work in Research and Writing” and oppor­tu­nities to meet with their super­visors to discuss their proposed topics.

Students were privi­leged to benefit from the consid­erable experience of Dr. Alexander Mühlen, who illumi­nated his seminar on negoti­ation with many examples from his time in the German Foreign Office. They had the oppor­tunity to try out their negoti­ation skills in several simula­tions based on actual inter­na­tional events, e.g. a meeting of the UN Security Council and negoti­a­tions on an inter­na­tional agreement.

Finally, partic­i­pants were fortunate to be able to listen to a two guest speakers. Students visited the German Federal Chancellery and discussed Germany’s role in EU policy with Mr Markus Knauf. Students also heard a presen­tation from Wenzel Michalski, Director of Human Rights Watch Germany and partic­i­pated in a discussion that revealed a range of views amongst students.

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By: Peter Daley