EU Training Programmes (Train-the-Trainer)

The EU training programme (train-the-trainer) aims to create a pool of EU instructors, comprised primarily of officials of the national admin­is­tra­tions of partner countries, but also of repre­sen­ta­tives from NGOs, univer­sities and other appro­priate dissem­i­nators. Local pools of instructors are then used to pass on EU expertise in local languages. Themat­i­cally, this expertise includes the basic elements of European cooper­ation and integration as well as the legal principles, insti­tu­tional struc­tures, policies and decision-making processes of the European Union.

Important elements of the training programme also include method­ological-didactic assis­tance for the trainer and a study trip to Berlin and Brussels. At the end of their training, instructors receive an EU Training Certificate and an Instruc­tor’s Handbook trans­lated into the local languages.

The basic training programme can then be comple­mented with specialized modules on, for example, a training programme on EU Struc­tural Funds management for accession candi­dates or measures regarding the sustain­ability and practical running of training groups.

Since the mid-1990s the Institute for European Politics has trained pools of instructors in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Albania, Bosnia-Herze­govina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. The IEP has trained some 200 EU instructors in these countries and held over 100 workshops involving around 160 experts from home and abroad.

Should you be inter­ested in learning more about our programmes, the staff in the Studies & Capacity Building Section of the IEP will be glad to help you with your enquiries.