EU Structural Funds Management Training Programme

Central to this comple­mentary quali­fi­cation are pre-accession grants and Struc­tural Funds management. This programme aims to make accession candi­dates and future member states more familiar with the instru­ments and proce­dures of EU regional policy and thereby increase their absorption capac­ities. Partic­i­pants here are drawn primarily from middle and senior admin­is­trative levels and are “walked through” all stages of pre-accession grants and Struc­tural Funds management ” from making an appli­cation and having the appli­cation granted to the admin­is­tration of funding ” using case studies provided by the Institute for European Politics.

The impending transfer of EU pre-accession grants (PHARE, ISPA, SAPARD) to the struc­tural policy tools of the EU presents new challenges for accession candi­dates. This is why the Institute for European Politics also offers additional material which builds on the basics conveyed in the programme on Struc­tural Funds to deepen under­standing and focus on specific issues.

Should you be inter­ested in learning more about our programmes, the staff in the Studies & Capacity Building Section of the IEP will be glad to help you with your enquiries.