Radio interview with IEP Director Dr. Katrin Böttger on health policy at European level

During the quarantine period, there is widespread discussion about adequate measures to protect the population. The aim is to find solidary and socially just solutions for the private and profes­sional burdens associated with COVID-19. In this context, the focus is mainly on health policy at state as well as European level: What is going wrong at the moment? Which changes have to be made in which areas in order to contain the spread of the virus, to accel­erate the healing process?
In an interview with moderator Andrea Oster from WDR5 Politikum Meinungs­magazin, the Director of the Institute for European Politics, Dr. Katrin Böttger, an expert on Germany’s European policy, focused on health policy at the EU level. Among other things, the question arose as to why Europe’s strength should now lie primarily in coordi­nation and what the partial privati­sation of the health system might have to do with the diffi­culties of particular countries.

The radio interview was published on 26 March and can be listened to here.