CiSEP workshop on “Communication and Negotiation” took place in Kyiv

October 10–12 marked the successful imple­men­tation of the sixth workshop of IEPs “Training the Trainers on EU Project Cycle Management” in Kyiv. The training series is aimed at enabling the Ukrainian civil society partic­i­pants to apply for EU funding and manage EU funded projects according to the EU Project Cycle require­ments but also to pass on their knowledge to their colleagues through self-conducted trainings. It is furthermore part of IEPs ongoing work (Civic School for Sound EU Practice – CiSEP) to strengthen the capacity of Ukraine’s civil society in the framework of the EU-Ukraine associ­ation process.

As not every­thing that is necessary to success­fully apply for and run an EU funded project is obvious at first sight, especially for smaller and with regard to western funding unexpe­ri­enced Civil Society Organ­i­sa­tions (CSOs), this workshop was dedicated to “Commu­ni­cation and Negoti­ation” in this context. Under the guidance of Lithuanian Rita Naseniece, the partic­i­pants worked through a balanced mixture of presen­ta­tions, group work and simula­tions on how to commu­nicate with donors and western partners, how to draw up a commu­ni­cation plan, negoti­ation strategies and general do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. IEPs imple­menting project manager Martin Stein finalised the workshop by working with the group on team commu­ni­cation.

The training series is organised in close cooper­ation with the Polissya Foundation for Inter­na­tional and Regional Studies and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

The next workshop was about “Monitoring, Evalu­ation and Reporting” and took place in Odessa from November 21–23.