CiSEP — Training the Trainers on EU Project Cycle Management successfully completed

In April of this year the Institute for European Politics (IEP) started its training series Training the Trainers on EU Project Cycle Management for members of the Ukrainian civil society. Over the course of 8 workshops the partic­i­pants received the skills and knowledge to apply for EU funding as well as to manage EU funded projects according to EU require­ments (the EU Project Cycle) and to effec­tively pass on this knowledge to other members of the Ukrainian civil society. The training series is part of IEPs Civic School for Sound EU Practice (CiSEP) that is aimed at strength­ening the capacity of Ukraine’s civil society in the framework of the EU-Ukraine associ­ation process.

The final workshop took place from 12–14 December in Kyiv and was dedicated to the exami­nation of the partic­i­pants – to show what they have learned and to revise the skills and knowledge of the past seven workshops. Being separated into seven groups beforehand each of the groups had to prepare and conduct a 90 minute session on a specific topic on the EU Project Cycle in an inter­active way. The partic­i­pants were being evaluated by and received feedback from their peers as well as profes­sional trainers, which provided an open but critical environment. The results showed that the CiSEP training series prepared the partic­i­pants well for their role as future managers of EU projects and their role as trainers. Some partic­i­pants are already applying for EU funds and are planning trainings for the coming year.

The workshop was finalised with a solemn handing over of certifi­cates, for which Daniel Lissner from the German Embassy in Kyiv was present. He reminded the partic­i­pants of the important role  the Ukrainian civil society plays in the associ­ation process and to use the gained knowledge, skills and created network effectively.

The training series was success­fully imple­mented by Martin Stein and organised in close cooper­ation with the Chernihiv based Polissya Foundation for Inter­na­tional and Regional Studies.

The project is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.