CiSEP Network and Organisational Development Workshop — First successful step to developing a CiSEP network in Lviv

Since 2015, the IEP has been able to train approx­i­mately 200 repre­sen­ta­tives of the Ukrainian civil society in the EU associ­ation process under the CiSEP programme. Thus a network was created, which today offers a unique combi­nation of experience and specialized knowledge and enables synergies between EU associ­ation specialists from all over Ukraine. After five years, now is the time to actively think about further insti­tu­tion­al­izing the network in order to live up to earlier success.

The first out of four workshops, which took place from the 11th to the 13th of November 2019 in Lviv was primarily dedicated to the questions “Why are we here? And what brings us together?”. Networks always start with individuals, who collec­tively frame a vision, which — provided it gets imple­mented — poten­tially leads to societal change. Based on this assumption, the first workshop really focused on the attending CiSEP alumni by analyzing the strengths, interests and ambitions of every single one of them. For only through sharing experi­ences, potential areas of cooper­ation can be identified and prior­ities can be set.

Together we are stronger, but which measures need to be adopted for a sophis­ti­cated team devel­opment? The answer to this question was developed step by step with the help of two experts, who both have profound knowledge in the area of network and organi­za­tional devel­opment and the training of civil society actors in several countries. Two models were at the forefront. The Circle of Coherence is illus­trating patterns of inter­action within a community and shows options to motivate its members to orient one’s actions towards the network’s needs. Another concept, the Spiral of Initia­tives visualizes the individual phases of project devel­opment. At the beginning, there’s always an idea, but only by commu­ni­cating it beyond the borders of the own organi­zation, it has the potential to inspire others. That way a network evolves as a common space, in which best practices can be tested.

In the subse­quent workshops until March 2020 the work with the mentioned models will be immerged and important input revolving around network management will be given.


The CiSEP network and organi­za­tional devel­opment training is funded by the Federal Foreign Office and imple­mented in cooper­ation with the civil network OPORA Lviv.