CiSEP 3rd Workshop in Odessa: Getting Engaged: Communication and Funding of CSO Projects in the Association Process

CiSEP 3rd Workshop

From 25–28 January 2016 25 members of CSOs from Central and Southern Ukraine success­fully concluded the last workshop of the first Civic School for Sound EU Practice (CiSEP) training cycle  in Odessa, Ukraine.

The first and second workshop in November and December 2015 were aimed at conveying knowledge on the EU-Associ­ation Agreement and its Deep and Compre­hensive Free Trade Area (AA/DCFTA) as well as teaching skills to effec­tively monitor and accompany the associ­ation process to the attending civil society repre­sen­ta­tives. The third workshop was a contin­u­ation of this knowledge and skills approach, but had a stronger focus on the skills-part.

On the agenda was the role of Commu­ni­cation and Funding. Piotr Henzler, President of the NGO Trainers’ Associ­ation from Warsaw, provided the partic­i­pants with the tools to prepare and conduct different commu­ni­cation strategies according to the target audience and shared his experience from Poland. Martin Stein, Project Manager at IEP, and Ivan Knežević, Deputy Secretary General of the European Movement in Serbia from Belgrade, tackled the topics “Project Cycle Management” as well as “Fundraising and EU Funding Programs”. The intro­duction to the basics of EU project management prepared the partic­i­pants for taking a closer look at funding oppor­tu­nities and the logical framework concept. Ivan shared his long experience in this field and laid the groundwork for the successful prepa­ration and imple­men­tation of the partic­i­pants’ various existing project ideas, for which the IEP wishes good luck and a lot of success!

The project is supported by the Federal Foreign Office of the Republic of Germany.