Capacity Building for Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine

We are happy to inform you that Anne Bercio, project leader at IEP success­fully continued the compre­hensive training on “Quality Infra­structure” from 7–8 April in Kyiv.

The training is targeted to foster insti­tu­tional capac­ities of MEDT and all linked insti­tu­tions dealing with technical regula­tions. This time the group concen­trated on conformity assessment in harmo­nized sectors of the EU single market. The overall objective of the project is to strengthen MEDTs capac­ities for imple­menting the EU-Ukraine Deep and Compre­hensive Free Trade Area/ Associ­ation Agreement.

The next workshop of this series will take place in late April in Kyiv.

The workshops are kindly supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Inter­na­tionale Zusam­me­narbeit (GIZ).