Call for Papers: Young Academic Lab – Making sense of Germany’s EU policy

Germany’s European Union (EU) policy is currently fraught with uncer­tainty. The impending retreat of Angela Merkel from political leadership will remove one of the EU’s anchors of stability. While German public opinion is still one of the most EU-supportive among the EU member states, the overall EU friendly ‘grand coalition’ faces decreasing popularity and parties on the radical left and the radical right are strug­gling to define their party lines vis-à-vis the EU. Given the centrality of Germany for European politics and policy, potential uncer­tainties in the German political landscape are of particular relevance for the EU.

On the policy side, the recent crises of the EU, the Eurozone, the migration and the geopo­litical crisis in the European east, have often put Germany on the frontline of intra-European conflict. In addition the current US policy, Chinas mix of economic expansion and political author­i­tar­i­anism as well as the Russian assertiveness regarding Germany’s energy policy affects EU commercial, indus­trial, defence and energy policies. These recent devel­op­ments pose the question of where Germany is headed in Europe.

Against this background, the conference will assess the state of the art in research on Germany’s EU policy, put to test concepts such as ‘hegemony’ and ‘civilian power’, establish a more policy-specific and differ­en­tiated analysis regarding Germany’s relations with EU member states and non-member states, encourage the contrib­utors to engage in a more micro-level analysis of Germany’s European policies and analyse Germany’s EU policy in a compar­ative perspective.

This one day Young Academic Lab, organized by the Institut für Europäische Politik back-to-back to its annual conference, is meant to provide a solid platform for junior researchers to discuss their research with their peers and senior academic colleagues.

Who can apply?
Papers are welcome from PhD students or young scholars of political science, inter­na­tional relations as well as economics, history, law and social sciences dealing with topics related to Germany’s EU policy.

Partic­i­pants are additionally invited to attend IEP’s annual conference on 20 September 2019 in Berlin.

Please send your extended abstract and your CV to Simone Klee ( before the submission deadline, 1 July 2019, 12:00 h.

Extended abstracts (max. 500 words) should include research relevance and question(s), contri­bution to the liter­ature and method­ology applied.

There will be no regis­tration fee. Partic­i­pants’ travel expenses will be reimbursed and accom­mo­dation will be provided.

Important dates
Applications/Abstract submission deadline: 01 July 2019, 12:00 h
Notifi­cation of accepted papers and program: 31 July 2019
Paper submission deadline: 02 September 2019
Young Academic Lab: 19 September 2019

Scientific/Selection Committee
Prof. Frank Schim­melfennig – ETH Zürich
Dr. Funda Tekin – Director IEP Berlin