Anniversary edition “Wegbegleiter der europäischen Integration. 60 Jahre Institut für Europäische Politik” published

Edited by Hartmut Marhold on behalf of the Executive Board of the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP) and with contri­bu­tions by numerous authors, including three former directors, a foreword by our president Werner Hoyer and companions such as Elmar Brok and Axel Schäfer, both vice-presi­dents of the IEP, the 98th volume of the IEP’s publi­cation series paints a compre­hensive picture of the Insti­tute’s history on the occasion of its 60th birthday.

Since its foundation 60 years ago on 25 April 1959, the IEP has studied Europe—containing contri­bu­tions on all the eras of its history and fields of work by 23 authors involved in shaping this unique think tank, this book reflects the history of the IEP’s rich experience of research into politics and civil society.

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The work is part of the series Europäische Schriften, Vol. 98 and is sponsored by the German Federal Foreign Office. The IEP alone is respon­sible for the contents.