2nd WE&EU Awareness Workshop in Ungheni, Moldova

On 12 December 2019 the Institut für Europäische Politik in partnership with the Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE) and the Institute for Strategic Initia­tives (IPIS) organized the 2nd  EU awareness workshop in the framework of the WE&EU project “EU Percep­tions and Reality in Moldova” in Ungheni.

The purpose of the workshop was to facil­itate the transfer of factual knowledge on the EU Associ­ation Agreement and to inform partic­i­pants about EU support for Moldova and funding oppor­tu­nities. The event was attended by around 40 partic­i­pants from Ungheni including students, teachers and young entrepreneurs.

The workshop started with an open brain­storming session on the partic­i­pants’ general percep­tions of and associ­a­tions with the European Union and the Associ­ation Agreement to serve as a basis for the ensuing discus­sions. The second session of the workshop was held in a World Café format to allow partic­i­pants to discuss selected topics in small groups with the project experts: the basics of the Associ­ation Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union; the impact of the Deep and Compre­hensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA); the tangible benefits for Moldovan citizens in terms of human rights and rule of law through the provi­sions of the Associ­ation Agreement, as well as the Erasmus+ Program in Moldova and oppor­tu­nities for students. During the third session of the workshop a repre­sen­tative of the EU delegation to Moldova informed the young partic­i­pants about the numerous dimen­sions of EU support to Moldova and about specific funding oppor­tu­nities within the region.

The project “WE&EU: EU Percep­tions and Reality in Moldova” aims at making a substantial contri­bution to overcoming the societal dividing lines in Moldova regarding the EU rapprochement process by promoting informed intra-societal dialogue on the specific contents and under­lying values of the EU-Moldova Associ­ation Agreement and the concrete benefits of modernising Moldova in the course of the EU rapprochement process. The project activ­ities between July 2019 and June 2020 include citizens’ dialogues, awareness workshops, public confer­ences and TV debates in diverse regions such as Basarabeasca, Orhei, Nisporeni and Ungheni.

The project is kindly supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

More infor­mation on the project can be found here.