Workshop on “Legal harmonisation” implemented

Anne Bercio, project leader of “Capacity Building for EU Association in Ukraine“ at IEP, success­fully imple­mented the third of six workshops with Ukrainian civil servants. All workshops aim at preparing the parti­ci­pants, working in leading positions in federal minis­tries or offices, to implement the EU-AA/DCFTA effectively.

The third workshop took place on 10–11 October in Kyiv and was dedicated to EU legal harmo­ni­sation. Through presen­ta­tions and group work, the parti­ci­pants learned methods and instru­ments are used by the EU to realize legal harmo­ni­sation within the Association Agreement. In order to ensure a custom approach, the parti­ci­pants were divided at some points into groups of lawyers and non-lawyers, so that different needs could be fulfilled. Hereby, the parti­ci­pants were supported by Mr. Borna Domitrovic, Head of Sector for EU law at the Croatian ministry of foreign affairs. Mr. Domitrovic worked in the sphere of legal harmo­ni­sation during the access of Croatia to the EU and passed on the Croatian experi­ences to the participants.

The workshops are kindly supported by the Deutsche Gesell­schaft für Inter­na­tionale Zusam­men­arbeit (GIZ). The next workshop will be on 24–25 October on EU coordi­nation and commu­ni­cation skills.