Workshop on Intellectual Property Legislation in Verkhovna Rada

From 14-16 September 2016 staffers of several Ukrainian parliamentary committees discussed the developments in the association process and practiced their skills in legal harmonisation. The workshop was led by Constanze Aka, project manager at IEP.

The group discussed the topic “Parliamentary EU Coordination” against the background of a field report from the Republic of Macedonia. During a simulation, the participants slipped into the roles of government, parliament and civil society representatives to discuss a fictitious progress report. Throughout the whole day we paid special attention to the significance of parliamentary scrutiny over the government.

The second and third workshop days were devoted to matters of Intellectual Property. A comprehensive overview over the respective acquis laid the basis for a tandem reading analysis of AA/DCFTA Chapter 9 “Intellectual Property”. After having presented the Croatian experience of aligning with the acquis Chapter 7, the trainers conducted legal coaching exercises as to the transposition of relevant provisions into Ukrainian law.