Successful completion of the regular PhD Support Programme EUCACIS and further extension

CIFE and the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP) are happy to announce that the third year of the PhD Support Programme “The EU, Central Asia and the Caucasus in the Inter­na­tional System“ (EUCACIS) was success­fully completed. Starting in October 2016, the regular programme duration ended in September this year with a good record.

The programme has achieved its main objec­tives by providing intensive PhD training for its fellows, conti­nuous support in the process of their doctoral work and assisting them in estab­li­shing networks in their region and in Europe. In order to achieve these goals, the EUCACIS programme has organized four inter­na­tional confe­rences in Almaty, Berlin, Tbilisi and Bishkek; it has conducted three PhD schools in Berlin and Tbilisi; and it has offered a research training stay to each of its fellows in Berlin and conti­nuous online coaching.   Besides writing their PhD theses, the EUCACIS fellows had to write and publish at least one research or policy paper and actively contribute to the project’s confe­rences and newsletters throughout the programme.

By the end of the third year, most of the fellows are in the course of submitting their doctoral theses, while four of the EUCACIS fellows have already submitted their PhD theses to their home univer­sities, one of them already having success­fully defended it. After defence and graduation, the EUCACIS fellows plan for their next career steps, sometimes achieving a promotion within the insti­tu­tions where they are already employed, or heading for new academic or profes­sional challenges.

In order to continue support for the fellows that were not able to submit their theses yet, the programme includes an extension period. Accord­ingly, several fellows were granted extended schol­ar­ships for finalizing their academic work. In order to give a last input to the PhD students and accompany the finali­sation of their theses, a fourth and final PhD school is planned to take place in February/March 2020. The project will be concluded by August next year, when all twelve fellows will have completed their theses and the further academic work within the framework of the PhD Support Programme.