Kyiv is feeling the Pulse of Europe, and the Institute for European Politics is there as well!

The most recent Pulse of Europe gathering in Ukraine took place on Sunday at Mykhai­livs’ka Square in Kyiv. The French presi­dential election, which took place on the same day, and the rise of EU skepticism in Europe were the main topics of parti­ci­pants’ presen­ta­tions. Repre­sen­ta­tives of the EU Delegation to Ukraine also joined the meeting.

Anne Bercio, Senior Project Manager in the Capacity Develo­pment Team at IEP, was there as well and spoke about European integration in the context of the association process between the EU and Ukraine: “Enthu­siasm for the EU is still needed! Support for the association process is decre­asing, so we need positive and informed answers to all the myths surrounding the Association Agreement with the EU!”

Pulse of Europe is a citizens’ initiative that does not pursue any political party’s aims. It wants to help maintain a united, democratic Europe – a Europe where respect for human dignity, the rule of law, freedom of thought and action, tolerance and respect are self-evident founda­tions of the community. The meetings take place every Sunday in several European cities: Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Köln, Freiburg, and many more.