The German European Policy Paper Series (GEPPS) aspires to be a combination of reference texts and in-depth analysis by providing a plethora of facts, figures, and interpretations. It addresses a diverse audience including practitioners such as politicians, teachers, economists and administrative staff, members of the civil society, academics and students all over the European Union. The series aims at providing detailed up-to-date information over the fundamentals and concepts of Germany’s European Policy.

GEPPS is kindly supported by the Federal Foreign Office and the European Commission.


Prof. Dr. Mathias Jopp, Director, IEP, Berlin

Editorial Team:

Dr. Katrin Böttger (Head of Editorial Team), Deputy Director, IEP, Berlin;

Richard Steinberg, M.A., IEP, Berlin

Editorial Adress:

Institut für Europäische Politik, Redaktion GEPPS, Bundesallee 23, D-10717 Berlin, Tel. (030) 88 91 34 0

ISSN 2511-8129