EUCACIS Online Paper No. 5: Trade Unions as an actor of regional citizenship & European social integration of the South Caucasus

Ashot Aleks­anyan examines the trans­for­mation of trade unions in the South Caucasus in the context of the transition of the region’s countries to market economies and the upheavals of the entire system of economic and social relations this transition entails. Proceeding from the European model of social integration which assumes an active and productive role of trade unions in the social system, he explores the develo­pment of social respon­si­bility and the role of trade unions in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. The paper concludes that the relatively high share of informal (“shadow”) economy in the South Caucasus limits and hinders trade unions to parti­cipate effec­tively in the regulation of social and labour relations.

EUCACIS Online Paper No. 5 can be downloaded here.