Opening workshop of IEPs CiSEP “Training The Trainers on EU-Project-Cycle-Management”

Participants discussing their project ideas

The IEP’s second project stage of the Civic School for Sound EU Practice (CiSEP), a Training The Trainers on EU Project Cycle Management, launched success­fully between April 25–27, 2016 in Kyiv and was imple­mented by Martin Stein, Project Manager at IEP. The first training titled “PCM – Where to start?” intro­duced the parti­ci­pants to the Project Cycle the EU requires when funding projects, provided them in inter­active and practical sessions with first-hand knowledge on the first stage of the cycle (Programming) and started setting the ground with first skills on how to conduct trainings.

30 parti­ci­pants from CiSEPs first training series were selected to take part in this soft and hard skill training that will take place on 8×3 days this year in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Lviv and Odessa. The parti­ci­pants will learn how to apply for EU funding, how to manage such EU funded projects according to the EU Project Cycle and how to pass on this knowledge to other members of the Ukrainian civil society. The trainings are led by experts from EU member states as well as candidate and associated countries.


CiSEP is part of the larger IEP Capacity Building project on EU-Association-Trainings in Ukraine which is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.