Leonid Litra at IEP

Leonid Litra, SPES fellow from Moldova, stayed at IEP from 4 to 26 August 2009. He had several meetings with resear­chers from IEP as well as experts from political parties and univer­sities. During his research trip to London, he held inter­views with experts from the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) dealing with European Neigh­bourhood Policy.

In his SPES project Leonid assesses the EU’s condi­tio­nality towards Moldova.

Leonid Litra was graduated at Moldova State University from Chisinau. He received his bachelor degree in Inter­na­tional Relations, writing his thesis on Moldova-Romania relations in the context of European integration, aiming mainly to explain the transfer of practices from Romanian government to Moldova’s autho­rities. Leonid holds a master degree in Inter­na­tional Relations and European Studies received at European Institute for High Inter­na­tional Studies from Nice. He dedicated his master thesis to EU-Russia relations with a parti­cular emphasis on democracy issues. While being a student, Leonid was a volunteer at the European Movement of Moldova, where he worked later. Since April 2009, he is working at NATO Infor­mation and Documen­tation Centre of Moldova, being respon­sible for the coordi­nation of projects especially related to the promotion of knowledge about NATO among students and media. Currently, he is on leave at Yale University as Carnegie Research Fellow, focusing on the develo­pment of a multi­party system in Moldova. Leonid is interested in research areas dealing mainly with European integration issues (eastern neigh­bourhood) with a parti­cular focus on Moldova, EU-Russia relations, Moldova-NATO coope­ration, the develo­pment of political parties and the bachelor education system.