Launch of the PhD Support Programme EUCACIS for students from Central Asia and the Caucasus

Centre Inter­na­tional de Formation Européenne (CIFE) and the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP) start the PhD Support Programme “The EU, Central Asia and the Caucasus in the Inter­na­tional System“ (EUCACIS). Funded by the Volks­wagen Foundation and the Erasmus+ Programme, it offers schol­ar­ships for three years to excellent postgra­duates who are working on a doctoral thesis in political science, contem­porary history or economics on a topic of the programme’s focus at a university in the Southern Caucasus or Central Asia (including Afgha­nistan, the Kashmir region in India, and the autonomous region Xinjiang in China).

It is the objective of the EUCACIS programme to provide intensive PhD research training for its parti­ci­pants to bring them closer to inter­na­tional standards, to support them until they submit their doctoral theses, and to help them establish their own networks with other young resear­chers in the target regions and in Europe. This will be achieved through four inter­na­tional confe­rences (in Almaty, Berlin, Yerevan, and Bishkek); three PhD schools in Berlin, Yerevan and Istanbul; two research training stays; and conti­nuous online coaching.

The programme is open for postgra­duates who have started to work on a PhD or an equivalent degree at a Central Asian or South Caucasian university in the fields.