Ketevan Kerashvili at IEP

She spent this time on advancing her SPES paper: Shaping the foreign Policy of the EU towards Russia: Assessing the Impacts of Russia’s return to power politics, which was comple­mented by numerous inter­views with experts from Berlin-based research insti­tutes and think-tanks. In March 2010, Ketevan plans to go on a research trip to Brussels, where she will be able to meet and discuss her project with EU officials.

Ketevan holds a Bachelor degree in Inter­na­tional Relations from Ivane Javak­hishvili Tbilisi State University (Georgia) as well as a Master degree in Inter­na­tional Relations and European Studies from Central European University (Hungary). Her MA thesis analyzed the EU-Russia relations from a construc­tivist perspective examining identities and percep­tions of respective parties to account for the existing problems in elabo­rating a new agreement. Since December 2009 she has been working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia in the Inter­na­tional Organiz­a­tions Department, where she has been focusing on the effective colla­bo­ration with the United Nations. Prior to that, Ketevan was a Chief Specialist in the Inter­na­tional Relations Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, where she worked on European integration and coope­ration with inter­na­tional organiz­a­tions. In addition, she has completed internships and workshops in a number of democracy-oriented think-tanks, parti­ci­pated in seminars on security issues organized by NATO, and completed a post-graduate training program in Inter­na­tional Relations and National Security provided by the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and Inter­na­tional Studies.