July 2017- Second Conference, PhD School and Research Training Stay in Berlin

While the EUCACIS fellows are working on the online courses and receive coaching via the elearning platform, the team already prepares the next events: a second confe­rence, a first PhD school and a first research training stay in Berlin in July 2017.

The two-day confe­rence will bring together the EUCACIS fellows with renowned experts to discuss the role of global and regional powers in both Central Asia and the Southern Caucasus and the one-week PhD school will coach the fellows in academic skills, higher education quali­fi­ca­tions and networking. It will also include a young resear­chers session that will provide doctoral research from Central Asia, Europe and Southern Caucasus with the oppor­tunity to present and discuss their latest research. For the first time in the framework of the programme, the EUCACIS fellows will present their PhD projects to a wider public and receive feedback from their colleagues, mentors and experi­enced academics. Last but not least, around six of the EUCACIS fellows will extend their Berlin stay for another three weeks to parti­cipate in the research training stay, combining academic training, visits to research insti­tu­tions, and individual research.