Digitales Mittagsgespräch mit Dr. Sabine Weyand: “The Future of EU Trade Policy in a post-COVID-19 World”


Dr. Sabine Weyand, Director-General, DG Trade, European Commission, Brussles

Words of Welcome:
Jörg Wojahn, Head of Repre­sen­tation, European Commission Repre­sen­tative Office in Berlin

Dr. Funda Tekin, Director, Institut für Europäische Politik, Berlin



The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching conse­quences beyond the spread of the disease itself and efforts to quarantine it. The pandemic caused the largest global recession in history, with more than a third of the global population being placed on lockdown. It has also laid bare the vulnera­bi­lities of globa­lized supply chains and has the potential to accelerate de-globa­liz­ation trends. Indeed, if handling the corona­virus crisis was not enough for all countries to be getting on with, another tremendous challenge awaits: the threat of economic coercion from both the US and China, as compe­tition between the two great powers escalates.

The EU is incre­a­singly in the crossfire between the two competing powers and is being forced to rethink its strategic outlook. On the one hand, the bloc considers itself to be a champion of free trade and has therefore increased its effort to sign free-trade agree­ments with like-minded countries, such as Canada and Japan. On the other hand, the EU has intro­duced new foreign investment screening regula­tions and only recently presented a proposal to address the distortive effects caused by foreign subsidies in the Single Market. These efforts are primarily aimed against Chinese commercial expansion and thus part of a balancing act that echoes U.S. concerns about China’s geo-economic ambitions while trying to stay within the WTO framework.

As an expert, we welcome Dr. Sabine Weyand, Director-General of the DG for Trade of the European Commission. She has played a prominent role in trade negotia­tions and in EU-Brexit negotia­tions.


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